International Students


Exchange Students from Our Partner Universities

To improve my Japanese Language.

To understand more deeply Japanese cultures.

To study my academic specialization in Japanese.

We, Shizuoka University welcome Exchange Students with highly motivated!


Our Student Exchange Program

7 Faculties and 6 Graduate Schools

One of the Advantages of Comprehensive University is Opportunities to Connect with Diverse Students and Expand Learning Beyond Classes.

Japanese Language Program

From Everyday Communication to Essential Research Skills such as Oral Presentations and Report Writing, You Can Enchance Japanese Language Skills.

Diverse International Exchange

Interacting with Students from Asia, Europe, North and South America, and Engaging in Cultural Exchange with Students of Various Cultural Backgrounds.

Mt. Fuji & Shizuoka pref.

Unveiling Rich Heritage, Cultural Splendor, and Tranquil Lifestyle: Shizuoka and Hamamatsu City, Our Campuses Nestled in the Renowned Mt. Fuji Prefecture.

This is explanations for the Students Exchange Program based on university agreement. Please ask the international office at your university for the details about the program based on faculty agreement.


Fact sheet

*Nominations and Applications are closed now.

*Shizuoka University accepts students’ application through our partner universities. Direct application from students will not be accepted.


Program Information

Becoming Exchange Student

FAQ for Exchange Students

Voice from SENPAIs (Testimonials)

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