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Asia Bridge Program (ABP)

Purpose of Asia Bridge Program

Be the bridge between Shizuoka and your country
Shizuoka University’s Asia Bridge Program (ABP) is a collaboration between Shizuoka Prefecture’s international companies and local governments, working as a bridge between Shizuoka and Asian countries. The purpose is to foster core and mid-career personnel who can overlook the technology and management with the expertise and science and engineering thinking. Focusing on Thailand, Indonesia, Vietnam, India, and Myanmar, where many companies in the prefecture have advanced, aiming to contribute to the revitalization of international activities in the Shizuoka area and industry through recruitment, training, and human resource development of excellent students.
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ABP Bachelor’s Program Features for International Students

  • Exemption from examination and admission fees, tuition fees
    Students who take the ABP exam are exempt from the examination fee and admission fee. In addition, there is a tuition fee reduction for ABP students entering the school, and many students have the opportunity to attend school.
  • Fall enrollment, Japanese + professional education in 4 years
    After enrolling in October, as the first semester education, students will take intensive Japanese language classes and basic subjects in Japanese according to each department, and will create a foundation for specialized university education in Japanese. Then, in addition to cultivating expertise in the courses of each faculty, students learn communication skills required in Japanese industry, global corporate management, and society through ABP subjects.
  • Internship & career support
    ABP will conduct internships at companies in the prefecture. In addition to promoting human resource development through industry-academia collaboration, we will provide many opportunities for students to interact with companies while enrolled, and provide career support for employment after graduation.

    For Asia Bridge Program (ABP) infomaton, please check the dedicated website.

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