International Students


Becoming Exchange Student

Our Student Exchange Program has 2 enrollments.

*SU: Shizuoka University

Fall semester (starts in October)


Late-January: SU sends partner universities the nomination guidelines

Mid-March: Applicants submit documentations

Late- June: SU notifies Applicants and partner universities of the results

Late- September: Applicants (Exchange Students) arrives in Japan

October: The program starts

Spring semester (starts in April)


Early-September: SU sends partner universities the nomination guidelines

Mid-October: Applicants submit documentations

Mid-December: SU notifies Applicants and partner universities of the results

Early-April: Applicants (Exchange Students) arrives in Japan and the program starts

How to become an Exchange Student


Becoming a SU Exchange Student, Applicants will be required to do following steps.

After the program starts, the faculty/department office which the exchange student belong to, their supervisor and their SU tutor student will support you.

-Please consult with the office in charge of student mobility at your university.

-Applicants will be required to submit personal information and following documentations when they apply for the program; ID photo, Passport, Transcript of academic record, Certificate of Enrollment, Certificate of Health*, Letter of Recommendation, Confirmation, *Certificate concerning defraying expenses for COE.

*SU will provide with the format.

-Please ask and confirm how to submit the application documents for the office in charge of student mobility at your university.

-Considered the applicant’s specialization at your university, the study plan, language proficiency etc., SU decides and notify your affiliation (faculty/department at SU, campus) of the applicant and your home university.

-SU does not accept any request for the change of faculty/department or campus.

-SU will let the applicant know their supervisor at SU at this time as well.

-SU applies for the COE at the Immigration Bureau of Japan for the Exchange Students to obtain a visa of Japan. The Immigration Bureau of Japan is the one who determines when the COE will be issued following a screening. As such, Exchange Students cannot designate a requested date and time for the issuance of COE. Please also note that it is not possible to make inquiries to the Immigration Bureau of Japan with respect to the progress of the COE.

-After the COE is issued, SU will send it with the Certificate of Admission of SU to the Exchange Students and their home university.

-The Exchange students will have to go to the Embassy of Japan/the Consulate–General of Japan in which is nearest located in their country and apply for a Student visa.

-Application of the Moving-into SU’s dormitory: SU instructs Applicants how to apply for the dormitory.

-Booking the flight: After receiving the schedule of the moving-into the dormitory, please book the flight ticket to Japan by yourself and share your itinerary with SU on the online form.

-Contacting the SU tutor student: Each Exchange Student will have one SU tutor student. SU tutor student will support Exchange Student to do some paper works or procedures of outside or inside of campus; Registration of resident, opening a bank account, joining the insurances etc.,

-Receiving Schedules: SU sends Exchange students the schedule to indicate some orientations, Japanese proficiency test and class guidance. Please prepare the necessary submissions or belongings.

-SU provides the root map and information of the transportations with Exchange students before their departure to Japan. Please choose the transportation and reach to the dormitory on the day and time designated by SU.

-After moving into the dormitory, Exchange Students have orientations and the Japanese language placement test. Please ask the SU tutor student the way to SU and life tips. Also SU tutor student can support them for their necessary procedures.

-Please visit the supervisor at SU, and consult with him/her which classes to take, or, will be able to take. After completion of the registering classes, student life at SU will be started.

-Studying at the classes, becoming friends with Japanese students and students from all over the world, joining the circle or club activities, enjoy your student life in SU!

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