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Shizuoka University was founded on May 31, 1949. The 2 campuses are in Shizuoka City and Hamamatsu City. Our educational goal is to prepare good citizens who will take leadership roles, drawing on international perspectives, to solve problems in an increasingly global society. With the core educational requirements as a solid foundation, we expect our students to develop specialist expertise and broad cultural understanding. Shizuoka University accepts both domestic and international students who :

  1. have a great appetite for knowledge and approach new tasks without hesitating.
  2. possess communicative ability, and respect differences, both in culture and in individual mentality.
  3. are open minded and have unique ideas.
  4. have a curious mind with regard to nature, society and culture.

There are 9,000 students in 6 faculties, and 1,600 students in 4 graduate schools and 1 educational division in Shizuoka University. Shizuoka University devotes a large effort toward international exchange. At present, about 450 international students, both graduate and undergraduate, are studying and are engaged in research. Shizuoka University promotes productive relationships with sister universities actively. Students from sister universities can study at Shizuoka University for six months or one year without tuition fees.

To be an undergraduate Student

Shizuoka University has 6 faculties.

  1. Privately funded international student entrance examination

Please refer to the application guidelines for “Privately admitted foreign students” on the university entrance information page. Exam subjects vary depending on the faculty and department. Please also check the application eligibility.

To be a graduate Student

Shizuoka University has 3 graduate schools for Master’s degree, 2 graduate schools for Doctoral degree, and 1 educational division for Doctoral degree.

[1] Eligibility
The doctor course applicant’s eligibility is published on the page of Graduate School of Science and Technology.
Those who want to enter the master course must request confirmation of her/his eligibility.
  1. (a) a person whose nationality is not Japanese
    (b) a person who can obtain a “College Student” visa in Japan or those with other visas for Japan that can be changed to “College Student” visa after being admitted to Shizuoka University.
  2. (c) a person who has completed a 16-year education course in a foreign country or countries.
    (d) a person who has completed a 15-year education course in a foreign country or countries and who is recommended by Shizuoka University after evaluating the academic records.
[2]Form and More Information
After the applicants consider the various research themes on each page of graduate schools, they can get information about admission from the offices of each Faculty.
Application Guide for Graduate School
[3] Japanese Language requirement
In the master course, students with majors in arts or humanities are requested to utilize Japanese language for their academic research. Students with majors in science or engineering are not always required to use Japanese language, but will be expected to attend lectures and participate in academic activities in Japanese throughout their course. In the doctor course, students usually pursue their study in English in their academic life. In daily life, Japanese language is necessary for all students.

Shakaijin Admission

Shizuoka University has a special admission system to enter the graduate school of Humanities and Social Sciences, Engineering or Informatics for those who have completed a 16-year education course in a foreign country or countries and have some work experience. The required period of work differs for each graduate school.

Other Students’ status

Shizuoka University accepts Research Students, Credited Auditors, Auditors and Special Auditors in addition to Degree Students.

  • Research Student
    A person who has completed an undergraduate course or has completed the educational equivalent of an undergraduate course may be admitted as a research student. Research students do independent research under the guidance of their academic supervisor. The period of attendance at school is between six months and one year. No degree is conferred. To be a research student, it is required to find an academic supervisor and get permission to study in her/his office or laboratory.
  • Credited Auditors who choose a lecture they want to study from lectures offered by Shizuoka University and take a class for six months or one year. If you take the regular exam at the end of the term and take excellent results, you can earn credits.
  • Auditors are students who choose a lecture they want to listen in the same way as Credited Auditors. But they cannot earn credits.
  • If you are enrolled in other university and want to take the lectures at Shizuoka University, you can be our Special Auditors cased on agreements between universities.
  • Special research students are graduate students enrolled at other universities with arrangement can take research guidance.

Study in Japan

You can get general information about study in Japan from following site.


*Regarding accommodation and health insurance of international students, please refer “Life in Shizuoka University”.

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