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We offer not only small group reseach projects for each but also interdisciplinary studies. There are two semesters (from October to February and from April to August). Each semester has programs consisting of language education (Japaese language education) course, gereral education (Japanese culture), individual study and field work. Some subjects of Faculties may be incorporated into the general education course and free research program if necessary. In this program we provide a one-to-one student/adviser system.
Applicants must be 18 to 29 years of age and must be enrolled as undergraduate students in faculties or schools which major in Japanese language or Japanese culture in a university outside Japan at the time when they come to Japan and must be enrolled in the home institution at the time when they return to their home countries. Applications are to be made through the Japanese Embassy or a university with which they have signed inter-university exchange agreements, etc. The program starts in the end of September and finishes in the end of August at Shizuoka University. Students receive instruction for enhancing their Japanese language ability and understanding of Japan and Japanese culture, as well as guidance from their academic advisor. They can attend Japanese Language Program and Japanese Study & Exchange Program offered by the Organization for International Collaboration as well as the Japanese classes for undergraduates offered by the Educational Development Center, and in so doing receive credit. Students may take academic courses at their faculty as well as courses for undergraduates at the Educational Development Center.

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