International Students


Research Student (University Recommendation)

Those who wish to be adopted as a MEXT scholarship student (Research student) through University Recommendation are needed to be applied and nominated by our faculty member. If you’re a nominee, our faculty member will contact you regarding all application procedures and you’ll follow their instruction.
(Generally, MEXT opens the application guideline in early December, but the schedule for application is designed by MEXT and will be changing depending on the year, so you need to collect the latest  information.)
After your nomination, Shizuoka University will screen all the applicant and determine who will be nominee from our university to MEXT.
Finally MEXT will decide MEXT scholarship student at the end of June(tentative), and our international office will let you know about the result. We prioritize applicants from our partner universities for recommendation.

Please check the below for more details.

①Please find out if there’s your prospective supervisor on the following website, which shows his/her affiliation, research areas and contact details.

・Shizuoka University Faculty Profiles  (Click “English”)

  Also, please confirm the department and major to which he/she belongs. Check the information on the following website well in advance and carefully determine whether you can study your desired field of study.

・Graduate schools
*Please check carefully whether there’s a department and major that match your goal of study and research plan.

②You need to contact him/her and get his/her consent to become a prospective academic supervisor and ask whether he/she can nominate you for MEXT scholarship or not, by yourself.
Application procedures will be done through him/her. If you can’t find the contact details, please ask her/his email address to the office of the department which he/she belongs to.

・Graduate schools (you can find the office’s contact information on here)

③If you’re nominated by your prospective supervisor, Shizuoka University screens all the applicants and chooses the successful candidates to recommend to MEXT.
NOTE: Usually Shizuoka University has many applicants. Therefore, you’re not necessarily recommended by university to MEXT.

④MEXT finally conducts a screening and selects scholarship grantees at the end of June (tentative).

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