International Students


Shizuoka University was founded on May 31st, 1949. The 2 campuses are in Shizuoka City and Hamamatsu City. Our educational goal is to prepare good humans who will take leadership roles, drawing on international perspectives, to solve problems in an increasingly global society. With the core educational requirements as a solid foundation, we expect our students to develop specialist expertise and broad cultural understanding. Shizuoka University accepts both domestic and international students who :

  1. Have a great appetite for knowledge and approach new tasks without hesitating.
  2. Possess communicative ability, and respect differences,both in culture and in individual mentality.
  3. Are open minded and have unique ideas.
  4. Have a curious mind with regard to nature, society and culture.

There are 9,000 students in 6 faculties, and 1,600 students in 4 graduate schools and 1 educational division in Shizuoka University. Shizuoka University devotes a large effort toward international exchange. At present, some 450 international students, both graduate and undergraduate, are studying and are engaged in research. Shizuoka University promotes productive relationships with sister universities actively. Students from sister universities can study at Shizuoka University for six months or one year without tuition fees.

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