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Tuition fee and Scholarship


There are two types of scholarships’ application: those for which the university provides recommendations and those for which students apply individually. When deciding on recipients of scholarships for which the university provides recommendations, the university will select recipients via an internal selection process in the university. The internal selection process will focus on academic records and economic circumstances. Receiving a recommendation from the university does not necessarily mean that he/she will be chosen to receive the scholarship. Furthermore, Shizuoka University does not recognize duplicate applications for or duplicated receipt of scholarships. (Except ABP scholarship)

※Following are examples of scholarships chosen by the university.

I.Scholarships operated by outside organizations (as of September 2022)

Depending on the scholarship, there are application conditions in place, such as school year, nationality, enrollment status, research field, and others. Individuals who do not meet these application conditions cannot apply. The month in which applications begin is an approximation. Scholarship amounts and eligibility may be subject to change. Furthermore, scholarships may not accept applications, depending on the year.

Application The Name of Foundation or Scholarship Qualifications Amount of Scholarship
(Yen per 1 month)
(★ Yen per 1 Year)
Bachelor Master Doctor Bachelor Master Doctor
Apr JASSO Honors Scholarship for Privately Financed International Students 48,000
Apr Enkei Foundation 20,000
Apr JGC-S Scholarship Foundation [NIKKI Saneyoshi] ★300,000
Apr Tokai Denpun Co., Ltd. Scholarship Foundation × × 30,000
Aug Rotary Yoneyama Memorial Foundation 100,000 140,000
Sep Heiwa Nakajima Foundation Scholarship for Foreign Students in Japan 100,000
Nov Kyoritsu International Scholarship Foundation 60,000-100,000 100,000
Nov Teraura Sayoko Memorial Scholarship Foundation 100,000
Dec Mitsubishi Corporation International Student Scholarship JEES 120,000 150,000
Dec Suruga Foundation for Overseas Students × × 50,000
Feb SGH Foundation 120,000 180,000
Feb Honda Benjiro Scholarship Foundation ★1,000,000
Feb MCF Foundation Docomo Scholarship JEES × × 120,000
Feb The Korean Scholarship Foundation 25,000 40,000 70,000

II.Shizuoka University International Exchange Fund Scholarship

Application will commence in May and October.
Grant: 40,000 yen per month (Duration 6 months)
Applicant’s qualification: Students who meet the following A or B.

A) Applicants must correspond to all of the following.

(1) Fulltime students who are at undergraduate or postgraduate courses.
(2) Students who are not funded by any other scholarship, including JASSO Honors Scholarship for Privately Financed International Students.
(3) Students who are not reside in the Shizuoka University international residences, Shizuoka University dormitories and Akebono-Ryo.
(4) Students who did not receive Shizuoka University International Exchange Fund Scholarship in the current year and in last 2 fiscal years.
(5) Students who with good academic records.
(6) Students who are economically challenged.

B) Self-supported exchange students enrolled as Research students or Special Auditor students with a good academic records.

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