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Health Care and Insurance

Shizuoka University provides the following services and information on Health Care and Insurance.

Health Services Center

Shizuoka University has a Health Services Center for the purpose of improving and maintaining students’ health. The doctors and nurses in the Center are available for consultation regarding any physical or psychological concerns. Students can also use the Center to study about health care, in addition to receiving physical check-ups and first-aid treatment. (The Center also has a branch on the Hamamatsu campus.)

Annual Medical Check-up

The Health Service Center offers an annual medical check-up (*free of charge) in every April and February. If you do not have this Check-up, we will not be able to issue the medical certificate required for applying graduate school examination and scholarships. (If you issue it by a general medical institution, you have to pay high cost.) International students who enrolled in October and received regular medical examinations should also have the next medical examination in April of the following year.

1. Shizuoka Campus
Those who entering Shizuoka University in April should have the annual medical check-up after registering for a Health Check Card at the Health Services Center. Those who entering in October will have the medical check-up in October.
2. Hamamatsu Campus
Please make sure to have an annual medical check-up at the Health Services Center. For those entering the university in April, please have the medical check-up in April. For those entering the university in October, please have the medical-check up in October.

National Health Insurance

All International students who intend to stay in Japan for more than three months should take out the National Health Insurance. Who do not take out the National Health Insurance will be required to pay all medical expenses themselves at the time of their examination for illness or injury at a medical institution. You must pay for the insurance fee, but coverage will be helpful in the event of serious illness or hospitalization, as 70% of medical expenses can be reimbursed. Especially if you accompanied by your family, the family also need to take out National Health Insurance.
To apply for National Health Insurance, please go to the National Health Insurance Section of the municipal office where you are registered as a resident. Fees vary according to city, town or village, and individual income. Overseas students in the lower income bracket may receive a reduction in the fee.

National Pension

All people over the age of 20 residing in Japan must enroll in the National Pension plan. This includes overseas students. Once enrolled in the National Pension plan, you will be guaranteed coverage in case of illness or disability. For students, a special exemption may be made. Please contact municipal office where you live.

Personal Accident Insurance for Students Pursuing Education and Research

This insurance indemnifies students from any injuries that may occur from an accident or a natural disaster during any academic or social programs or extracurricular activities at the university. (This includes traveling to or from the campus.) All students need to enroll in both traveling coverage and academic or research coverage. For degree students, insurance premiums will be paid at the time of entrance applications. For non-degree students, contact the overseas students advisor staffs at your faculty.

Personal Liability Insurance for Students

This insurance compensates you for the liability incurred due to injuring a person or damaging another person’s property. Besides, the insurance company provides you out-of-court settlement service in negotiating with a victim. All students need to enroll in this insurance in principal.

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