International Students

Japanese Language Studies


The Organization for International Collaboration offers various types of Japanese Courses from beginning to advanced for the international students who are registered at Shizuoka University. They can attend the Japanese classes on either Shizuoka or Hamamatsu campus depending on their level of Japanese ability. It should be noted that these course are for the students who are already registered at Shizuoka University. No one can be admitted to Shizuoka University for only the purpose of Japanese study. As for researchers and their families (including those of qualified students), the Japanese Language Program offers classes provided for a fee if there are vacancies.

The university may be closed due to typhoon approaching, earthquake occurrence and so on. In that case the university will inform you of closed school on the university official homepage. When a lecture is cancelled for a teacher’s personal reason, the university will send students an e-mail notification as well as positing an information on bulletin boards.

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