International Students


Japanese Government (MEXT) Scholarship Students

There are six types of the MEXT Scholarship program: those for research students, teacher training students, undergraduate students, Japanese studies students, college of technology students, specialized training college students.
And there are two ways of application for the MEXT scholarship. One is “Embassy Recommendation” which is recommended by a Japanese embassy or consulate general. The other is “University Recommendation” which is recommended by University.

For more details, please refer to this page.

Regarding research students as non-regular students, if a student demonstrates accomplishment in research written in Japanese or English, he/she may study in a specialized field at Shizuoka University as a research student first, under an academic supervisor. The student may then take the entrance exam of the graduate school.
If however, the student’s Japanese language ability is not sufficient, students may attend a half-year Intensive Japanese Course at the Organization for International Collaboration. It is considered necessary to study Japanese for both research and for daily activities. It is possible to go forward with research in the specialized field while under instruction from an academic supervisor. Students then take the entrance exam of the graduate school after the course. Students should feel free to consult with professors of the Organization for International Collaboration whenever they experience hardships, whether it be with the language, the lifestyle or culture. Volunteers who support international students are available.

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