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II.Students’ experiences

Job search
Hilmi(Turkey)Working for Univance
Tamal (India)Working for ASM


Hilmi(Turkey)Graduate of master’s degree in Engineering, working for Univance

Hello everyone, I am a master student, from Turkey, at Shizuoka University, graduate school of integrated science and technology, engineering department.

Like many of my term mates, I am one of the students affected by the negative effects of the Covid19 epidemic. Although I enrolled in my university in 2020, I lost 1 year because I could not come to Japan due to entry bans. However, despite everything, I continued to work and study as hard as I could.

I faced many challenges in Japan, and the job hunting was one of them for me to overcome. While my age affected my applications as a new graduate, my low Japanese proficiency was also an obstacle in career positions. This made the job hunting a very difficult and stressful for me. For this reason, my first advice to my friends who want to work in Japan is to improve their Japanese proficiency as much as possible.

The fact that I did an internship in two different companies for a total of 1.5 months during my summer vacations was a good opportunity for me to see the working culture and environment in Japan. For this reason another recommendation would be to see the working culture in Japan by doing an internship before graduation and starting job hunting if possible. Thanks to those experience you get during internship, deciding from the very beginning in which field and position you want to start or continue your career will make your job hunting easier too. In addition, attend the briefings of the companies in the field you are interested in, try to get information and get to know the companies as much as possible.

In my opinion, gaining experience by attending as many interviews as possible is the most critical point of the job search process. Each interview will be an experience for the next. By using the Mynavi which is one of the most popular job hunting website in Japan, applied to many companies, more than 40, in automotive and aviation industry, and joined many interviews. At the beginning, I was eliminated in the first interviews because of my poor Japanese. However, as I gained experience, I managed to stay in the second and third interviews and finally got a job offer from Univance Corporation. Moreover, I recommend you try to speak Japanese as much as you can in the interviews and show how eager you are to work in Japan. I think the most important point that recruiters pay attention to is how keen you are.

Lastly, Shizuoka University has a student recommendation system and counselling service for students on job hunting, I strongly recommend you to use this opportunity, it is very helpful. One of the counsellors at our university, helped me so much during my job hunting. She helped me prepare my entry sheet, practice interviewing in Japanese, gave me advice, found companies for me, etc. I really appreciate her assistance.

In conclusion, don’t forget that job hunting is a long and difficult process. No matter how hard you are struggling, stay positive, keep fighting and moving forward. I wish you all the best. Sincerely.

Tamal  (India)Graduate of master’s degree in Engineering, working for ASM

I chose Shizuoka University with two main reasons. First, it offered the opportunity to do research in the field I was interested in: carbon nanotube. Second, the cost of studying in Japan is much more reasonable than other destination country I was considering, partly because Shizuoka ABP offers tuition fee free condition. It meant that I could study abroad without carrying debt of student loan.

Because my plan was to work in Japan after my study, I took Japanese study seriously, used every possible opportunity to improve, take lessons, study by myself every day, use Japanese at laboratory and at my part-time work. As a result, I reached intermediate level, JLPT level 3 before graduation.

It was my supervisor’s advice, that lead me to apply for ASM, Japan. Having offered a position, I am looking forward to working for an international company, in which I can utilize the technological knowledge I gained from my master’s degree research.

I advise students who join in Shizuoka to be open to opportunities you gain in your student life. You traveled to Japan already, why not try something new, something different, it will help you grow more.


Mahidul (Bangladesh)Master’s degree, Department of Engineering

  1. How did you find your internship?

At the SIBA exchange meeting held in July of 2018, I gave a presentation about introduction of my country Bangladesh. There were 35 companies participating. There, Hamana Parts Industry Co., Ltd. also participated, met with the person in charge and taught the schedule of the internship. After that I received various information by e – mail from them. I mailed it in poor Japanese, but I exchanged e-mails many times and confirmed it.

  1. Why did you decide to go to the company?

The parts made by Hamana Parts Industries Co., Ltd. was originally parts related to the propeller shaft, shift device and engine. I like to studying engines, so I really wanted to get knowledge about how engine parts are being made.
They accepted my religious needs being a Muslim that I cannot eat pork and need time for pray. For me to travel to their factory, they came to pick me up by car at their nearest JR Station every day.

  1. What did you do with your internship?

I had an internship at Hamana Parts Industry Co., Ltd. from September 3 to 7, 2018. I would like to explain what I did for the week I spent for internship.
First, Mr. Matsumoto of the General Affairs Division gave me explanation of the company and how the parts being made in the company and about Kosai city, where their company is located. Then I had a detailed explanation of what to do with my five-day internship. Two Japanese students and I introduced myself in front of the company people. After that, I had a tour of the company and finished the day.
On the second day, I made a propeller shaft design using CAD, and I inserted the design that I made into a 3D printer. We were able to test what we actually designed, so it was very good.
On the third day, I learned how to process products. I installed a machine for processing the yoke myself. That was so fun.
On the fourth day a typhoon came and the train did not move in the afternoon, so there was no internship.
On the fifth day I did the strength test of the propeller shaft and shift device. I was able to learn a lot. At the end we announced what we did at internship in front of the president, general affairs section manager, production engineering section manager. It was a bit difficult in Japanese, but I was happy to be able to manage the challenge

  1. What is left in the impression?

When I did an internship, I gathered a very good understanding of Japanese company culture and the employee-employer’s relationships. Before the internship I was worried about thinking whether to be able to work in Japan or not, but after doing the internship at Hamana Parts Industry Co., thinking has changed. Now I am confident that I am able to adapt and work in any company in Japan.

  1. What was the difficult situation?

What was difficult was Japanese only. I thought that I could build a better relationship with the people of the company if I could understand 100% Japanese. For that, I would like to study Japanese more so that I can take the Japanese Proficiency Test N-1.

  1. Please advise international students who have never been to an internship yet.

If you want to work in Japan, you should try an internship to get various knowledge at work site.
Even if you are not good at Japanese, the people in Japanese companies will explain to you very kindly.

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