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Career support information

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I.Employment Support Services

< On-campus >

□Personal career consultation for International Students:

 Consultations are available every Monday and Wednesday, covering a range of topics from employment preparation to writing entry sheets. Make appointments online here
(login with your Shizuoka University ID required).

□ Shizuoka University Career Support Career Support Office offers employment guidance, joint company information sessions, and employment counseling. Search for job vacancies targeting Shizuoka University students on Kyaritasu UC here.

□ Employment Support at Your Faculty

Each faculty has a designated member responsible for employment support. Access job information specific to your faculty and learn about opportunities offered to alumni

< Off-campus >

□Fujinokuni Regional and University Consortium



□ SIBA Shizuoka International Business Association  

Provides internships and job matching for international students.

□ SIR Shizuoka Association for International Relations

Supports foreign residents, including job-finding events for international students.

□ HICE Hamamatsu Foundation for International Communication and Exchange  

Offers employment support and a mentoring system for international students.

□ Shizuoka Job station

Employment advice in English at the Hamamatsu Office.

□ Hello Work

Government employment support services with assistance for international students.

<Shizuoka> New graduates support  

<Hamamatsu> New graduates support


< On-Campus >

Shizuoka University – Employment Support:  

Find companies offering internships through Karitasy UC.

< Off-campus >

□ SIBA Shizuoka International Business Association  

□ Job platforms

Major platforms like Rikunabi and Mynavi offer internship information.

III.Job vacancy

< On-Campus >

□Shizuoka University-Employment Support:

Search for job postings on “KYARITASU UC”. Also, explore on-campus job fairs and joint company information sessions.

< Off-campus >

□JETRO(Japan External Trade Organization)

□Supports employment of highly-skilled foreign personnel through job fairs and vacancy information

□JASSO Japan Student services Organization

Issues job-hunting guidebooks.

□ Career Support Network for international Students in Japan  

Offers job vacancies and job-hunting seminars.

□ Job platforms

Connect new graduates with employers; some focus on international students (e.g., Rikunabi, Mynavi, Ryukatsu, Asia link).

□Other information

For students transitioning from a student visa to a “Designated Activities Visa”(PDF)

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