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Exchange Activities in Shizuoka University

International exchange Lounge (@Shizuoka campus)

Location: 共通A棟, 4th floor (go out the stairs and go down the right side of the building.)

Available hours: Monday-Friday (10:00-17:00) *close on national vacations and long vacation institutions

What we can do at international Lounge??

  • Meet new friends and build networks.

  • English/ language exchange

  • Get information about study abroad

  • We offer Programs of intercultural education

  • Platform for students Community

Schedule of Event

Lounge Event and Program


■International Academy in Shizuoka University

A networking event for students, staff, and faculty to interact with each other as we share the international intercultural experiences four times a year.(May,July,october,December)
*We will release upcoming event date on SNS after the schedule is decided!



Lounge event

The Lounge Events will be held for 2-4 times a month on Thursday afternoons!

For more information, check out the flyer posted or the Lounge’s Instagram!




Shizu-dai Buddy

Japanese and international students make a pairs/groups, support and share own culture/language/experiences with each other.
-We have the big events to meet each other in all buddy member twice a month♪



Café Lingua (World Language Café)

International students teach Japanese students about the language, culture, food, music,regions of their home countries !
This is a project that you can freely interact with them in booths for each country.
-Date:Twice a month
(Details on dates will be updated and announced on instagram!)



Ambassador Program(English)

It provide a opportunity to enhance your Global citizenship and make Events on the theme of SDGs with team member.※English language Program(For shizuoka and hamamatsu students)



Global Leadership Program (Japanese, High School-University Cooperation)

This is a Short-term program with high school students to learn about the SDGs and think about the first steps you can take.

*Japanese language program (For shizuoka and hamamatsu students)


Spring/Summer Short-Term Programs

English Lounge

*Second semester

・Prtivete lesson  ①12:00-12:20、②12:20-12:40、③12:40-13:00
・Group lesson 13:00-13:30


・Only Group lesson

TOPIC change each time

reservation Form

Afternoon Chatting(A-chat)

Play the board ・card games /watch TV series in English as talking and chatting in English.
– Date:Every Tuesday(15:30-16:30)


you can prepare for test with online workbook. No examination fee is required.

■English Skill Improvement Community

Shizudo student introduce English study tips and useful contents, videos, and textbooks from the perspective of the same students♪

If you are struggling with how to study English or want to improve your skills, please join us!

Study abroad Salon

You can ask anything about study abroad to staff of inernational affairs section.
– Date:Twice a month(12:00-12:30)

Peer group for studying abroad

A network for students who are planing to study abroad. It is a casual community where students can get advice from their seniors, exchange information and encourage each other.
– Date:One-Twice a month(Date is adjusted per month)
– Place :Internation Lounge
*If you want to join us, please contact us on LINE (account : Lounge LINE).


Study abroad NAVI

Senior students who have experienced studying abroad give you advice on studying abroad from the same student’s point of view!

– Date: 11:00-12:00 on thrsuthday / 12:00-13:00 on Friday
– Place :Internation Lounge

Lounge volunteers (always welcome)

The volunteer students have some roles to guide Lounge and make event and support language for international students .

Staff wanting! 

■ Support Lounge for International Student

The volunteer students support language and life and so on for internatinal student.
Date:Tuesday 14:30-16:00

          Friday 14:30-16:00

– Place :Internation Lounge

News Letter

■Report of Lounge activities in 2023.


Please check below SNS about upcoming activities and updated information, And please follow our SNS!

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