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Exchange Activities in Shizuoka University

International exchange Lounge (@Shizuoka campus)

Location: 共通A棟, 4th floor (go out the stairs and go down the right side of the building.)

Available hours: Monday-Friday (10:00-17:00) *close on national vacations and long vacation institutions

What we can do at international Lounge??

  • Meet new friends and build networks.

  • English/ language exchange

  • Get information about study abroad

  • We offer Programs of intercultural education

  • Platform for students Community

Schedule of Event

Lounge Event and Program


■International Academy in Shizuoka University

A networking event for students, staff, and faculty to interact with each other as we share the international intercultural experiences four times a year.(May,July,october,December)
*We will release upcoming event date on SNS after the schedule is decided!



Lounge event

The Lounge Events will be held for 2-4 times a month on Thursday afternoons!

For more information, check out the flyer posted or the Lounge’s Instagram!



Shizu-dai Buddy

Japanese and international students make a pairs/groups, support and share own culture/language/experiences with each other.
-We have the big events to meet each other in all buddy member twice a month♪



Café Lingua (World Language Café)

International students teach Japanese students about the language, culture, food, music,regions of their home countries !
This is a project that you can freely interact with them in booths for each country.
-Date:Twice a month
(Details on dates will be updated and announced on instagram!)



Ambassador Program(English)

It provide a opportunity to enhance your Global citizenship and make Events on the theme of SDGs with team member.※English language Program(For shizuoka and hamamatsu students)



Global Leadership Program (Japanese, High School-University Cooperation)

This is a Short-term program with high school students to learn about the SDGs and think about the first steps you can take.

*Japanese language program (For shizuoka and hamamatsu students)


Spring/Summer Short-Term Programs

※In preparation

English Lounge

*First semester

・Prtivete lesson  ①12:00-12:20、②12:20-12:40、③12:40-13:00
・Group lesson 13:00-13:30


・Only Group lesson


*Second semester


TOPIC change each time


reservation Form


Afternoon Chatting(A-chat)

Play the board ・card games /watch TV series in English as talking and chatting in English.
– Date:Every Tuesday(14:30-15:30)




you can prepare for test with online workbook. No examination fee is required.


Study abroad Salon

You can ask anything about study abroad to staff of inernational affairs section.
– Date:once a month(12:00-12:30)


Peer group for studying abroad

A network for students who are planing to study abroad. It is a casual community where students can get advice from their seniors, exchange information and encourage each other.
– Date:Twice a month(Date is adjusted per month)
– Place :Internation Lounge
*If you want to join us, please contact us on LINE (account : Lounge LINE).


Study abroad NAVI

Senior students who have experienced studying abroad give you advice on studying abroad from the same student’s point of view!

– Date: the second period -Lunch time on thrsuthday / the third period-Lunch time  on Friday
– Place :Internation Lounge

Lounge volunteers (always welcome)

The volunteer students have some roles to guide Lounge and make event and support language for international students .

Staff wanting! 



■ Support Lounge for International Student

The volunteer students support language and life and so on for internatinal student.
Date:Tuesday 12:30-14:00

        Wednesday 10:30-12:00

          Friday 14:30-16:00

– Place :Internation Lounge


Please check below SNS about upcoming activities and updated information, And please follow our SNS!

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