“Economy and Industry in Shizuoka ” “The basics of Job-hunting and Visa ”June 29th 2024:Asia Bridge Program Careers in Japan Preparatory course(ABP-JC)

2024-05-27 International students

Job-hunting seminarⅠ,Ⅱfor international students  

◇Date & Time: Saturday, June 29th 2024
・“Economy and Industry in Shizuoka ” 13:30~14:30
・“The basics of Job-hunting ” 14:30~15:30
・“The basics of Visa ” 15:30~16:30

◇Venue: SHIZUOKA, Bnest exercise room4 (Pegasart 6F)
*For more information, please see the flyer or visit the website: https://www.sir.or.jp/news/detail/id=4973

How to apply:
Register from following form, by June 26th.

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